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plyr button need to rearrange.


Posted on March 14, 2020

Hi Sam,
I am using your plyr script to play mp3 files. In the previous version i saw that the fast forward, rewind and Restart button was in a nice sequence. See here
But, in the current version the buttons somehow rearranged and moved to tail. See here:  Would you please have a look into the issue ? The Restart button should be at the Head then the rewind button, < play/pause button > Forward button.
I really appreciate your support. 

Sam Potts

Posted on March 15, 2020


The controls are rendered based on the order they're in the controls option, e.g. as per the docs:

    'play-large', // The large play button in the center
    'restart', // Restart playback
    'rewind', // Rewind by the seek time (default 10 seconds)
    'play', // Play/pause playback
    'fast-forward', // Fast forward by the seek time (default 10 seconds)
    'progress', // The progress bar and scrubber for playback and buffering
    'current-time', // The current time of playback
    'duration', // The full duration of the media
    'mute', // Toggle mute
    'volume', // Volume control
    'captions', // Toggle captions
    'settings', // Settings menu
    'pip', // Picture-in-picture (currently Safari only)
    'airplay', // Airplay (currently Safari only)
    'download', // Show a download button with a link to either the current source or a custom URL you specify in your options
    'fullscreen', // Toggle fullscreen

Thanks for the donation by the way. 



Posted on April 13, 2020

Hello Sam,
Thanks for your kind reply. I have decided to contribute $10.00 USD / mo to PLYR
I have a requests, can you please integrate playlist option in the plyr ? so that i can set multiple audio or video file somewhere in the js part, I am a php developer and i have lack of  javaScript knowledge.

i am expecting an option  like below,,,
const players = Plyr.setup('.player', {
settings:['captions', 'quality', 'speed', 'loop'],
playlist:['', '' , ''],
]  // here i can set playlist sources.

and i am expecting the appearance of the player will be looks like this one

How much you would like to charge me for such customization work, if you don't like to integrate playlist option into plyr  ? 
I really appreciate your support !
Have a great day !


Posted on May 10, 2020

Hello Sam,
I need your support. Are you available ?

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