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3 Scholarships Awarded! You made it happen.
Published on February 12, 2021 by Erin Martin

Thank you to everyone who contributed to the Women for Women During COVID scholarship campaign! Through donations and our on-line raffle we raised enough money to provide scholarships to 3 very deserving women!

Our scholarship recipients are:

Danielle Owens - Drexel University

Sophie Caldwell - Oregon State University

Destini Wellington - University of Nevada at Las Vegas

These women are amazing! And the impact of these scholarships in their lives is definitely and genuinely significant.

We will have updates and photos of these deserving women on the Possibilities for Women website soon!

We thank you sincerely for your contributions to making this scholarship campaign a success, despite these uncertain and tumultuous times. We hope that you will consider supporting Possibilities for Women on-going as we continue our work to promote opportunities and possibilities for women everywhere.

With Deep Gratitude,

Dr. Erin Martin

founder and president