Open Collective
Open Collective
Fall 2021 Update
Published on November 25, 2021 by Joshua Nodiff

Power To The People is a nascent collective of community organizers and storytellers in the movement for climate justice and collective liberation. We leverage the power of narrative storytelling to elevate frontline voices, foster the just transition, and cultivate a regenerative economy.

This summer we received fiscal sponsorship from the Open Collective Foundation, and we are seeking funding to significantly expand our staffing capacity and produce narrative media projects for the movement — including films, podcasts, writing, and immersive media — to raise public awareness and inspire action around the climate crisis. As a cooperative team, we produce narrative media projects in accordance with the Jemez principles.

We are eager to grow and support the climate justice movement through the arts, media, and action. Your generous support will contribute to the financial sustainability of our mission and financial security of our staff, fund the costs of production, help us to establish our role across coalitions, and enable us to tell stories at the intersection of social movements.