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Transitioning to Privacy Guides
Published on September 17, 2021 by Jonah

Hello everybody! As we formally announced in July, PrivacyTools and the entire team are moving to our new home online: and r/privacyguides. Since 2019, PrivacyTools has grown from a simple website to an entire thriving community of data privacy and security advocates, with great educational resources and helpful users putting in countless hours to further this cause.

This growth has come with some significant challenges we have recently found too difficult to overcome, the most prevalent being that key PrivacyTools assets such as the domain name, subreddit, and Twitter account are under the personal control of a founder who was absent since October 2020, and available only sporadically before then. If we are going to ask our volunteers and communities to put so much effort into a project, we felt that this unilateral control over these assets posed an unacceptable threat to our project's future.

Unfortunately, to accomplish our long-term goals of having a stable home on the internet that people can feel comfortable contributing to we have decided we must rebrand. From this point forward, the team and content you've known and supported as PrivacyTools will now be known as Privacy Guides, and our profiles and resources will be available in the following locations:
Please update your bookmarks and subscribe, follow, and share; these are brand-new accounts! This situation is developing on our subreddit r/PrivacyGuides in particular, please check the stickied posts there if you are seeking more information on these changes.

For our sponsors and other backers:

Thank you so much for your contributions, we greatly appreciate it. While we work through this migration, we are suspending our formal "sponsorships" program at this time. We will once again be accepting contributions on OpenCollective, however we cannot guarantee any special treatment (other than our undying thanks!) like logo placements in exchange for contributions at this time.

Of course, we would love for all of our sponsors to continue your donations to our project, it is fundamental to the work that we do and we want to recognize that fact! If you are a current monthly backer on OpenCollective, you do not need to make any changes to your account and your contributions to PrivacyTools will automatically go to us at Privacy Guides moving forward.

If any sponsors or backers disagree with or feel misled by these recent events and would like to request a refund given these highly unusual circumstances, please get in touch with our project admin by emailing [email protected].
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