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We make an uncompromisingly user-centric digital space.


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PrivacySafe is an uncompromisingly user-centric digital space.
Below is an example with a chat app that runs on PrivacySafe platform. Messages are encrypted and sent so that servers don't know who is talking to who. In fact, servers don't know which app is running on user devices and can't discriminated if you use your own.

This user-respecting space consists of several parts:
  • 3NWeb protocols/rules define client-server communication with both privacy and a choice of service providers.
  • 3NWeb utility servers.
  • PrivacySafe client side platform.
  • 3NWeb apps, for chats, files, collaboration.
Contributions to this collective are used to further formulate and eventually file 3NWeb protocols as open standards and to continue development of aforementioned open source implementations.

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