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New Publication: Enabling Work for Solidarity, Justice Movements and building the Commons – an interview with Alanna Irving
Published on November 22, 2021 by Sebastian Klemm

Dear supporter,
explore our newest publication where Alanna Irving elaborates how the Open Collective platform can facilitate transparent fiscal hosting for project initiatives, movements and community groups to sustain their collective action:

This publication originates as part of the project “Improving Equity in Sustainable Access to Medical Treatments” since Alanna added to the first associated event “Building Economies of Connectedness”, which was intended to scrutinize the operational framing of the project itself, since the project aims to not only communicate equitable improvements, but also incorporating social equity in the way it is carried out as project in itself. One lever we are already applying in this respect is the transparent project finance accounting, enabled through the Open Collective platform we use.
With next publications we will detail even more aspects of social equity we address through "the ways" that this project is being conducted.

Stay tuned: Contextual Interviews for "Improving Equity in Sustainable Access to Medical Treatments" will be rolled out one by one very soon.

Thank you very much:
Without your support this project production would not be possible in this extent, thank you: Aniqa Moinuddin, Bahman Morteza Etezadibehzadi, Open Collective, Sebastian Klemm, Tiberius Brastaviceanu, Timo Wans, Unai Gaztelu

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