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New Release v1.0.0.2171
Published on December 25, 2022 by Qstick

Tonight marks a significant event! We have released the first RC to a v1.0 master release of Prowlarr, v1.0.0.2171. 

With this release comes quite a few improvements over previous develop releases, detailed below, as well as one large breaking change (Required Authentication):

- [NEW] Improved Mobile UI for Manual Searches - The old one sucked on small screens... we know... enough said. 
- [FIXED] Improved Category handling for Newznab/Torznab Indexers - Many Indexers didn't quite use the standard Newznab category setup, for those cases Prowlarr will now try a bit harder to match the indexers category to the correct Prowlarr category instead of assuming the Id matches.
- [NEW] Category Mapping for Download Clients - Setup specific download client labels based on the release type (movie, show, music). Prowlarr will automatically map and assign them when sending a release from manual search to that client. 
- [FIXED] Improved Full Sync for Arr Apps - Additional settings outside of Prowlarr's touch will no longer get wiped out on a full sync, meaning if user sets a specific Download Client for an Indexer or enables Anime Search Format on an Indexer, Prowlarr will still sync changes made in Prowlarr without screwing up your hard work.  Additionally, Season pack support has been added in Prowlarr as a per indexer setting.
- [NEW] New Indexers - Not sure how many Indexers you guys need, but we continue to add them as they come! One of the latest additions is one higher on our request list, Torrent Bytes.

Oh, and one more thing for those that missed it in the previous release DARK MODE. 

Thanks to all the supporters, contributors, and donators from throughout 2022. We've got some nice things planned in 2023 and look forward to spending it with you guys! As always, feel free to reach out on discord for discussion, support, or feedback.