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New news and old news
Published on August 6, 2023 by Matti Picus

Old news: I didn't send out an update about the 7.3.12 release, assuming you all are of course subscribed to our blog via the RSS feed.
New news: last week I asked on Hacker News if anyone is using PyPy, and the discussion not only was on the front page of hacker news for most of the day but also was quite interesting. My takeaway is that there are a significant number of django installations running with PyPy, and they wouldn't do that without a performance boost. PyPy is also a win for log parsing tasks. And we know from other work that PyPy is good at emulations. 

Thanks to all the contributors who make PyPy possible. We are quite a small team of active code contributors, and positive feedback is what keeps us going.