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PyPy 7.3.6 was released
Published on October 18, 2021 by Matti Picus

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- We have merged a backend for HPy, the better C-API interface. The backend implements HPy version 0.0.3.
- Translation of PyPy into a binary, known to be slow, is now about 40% faster. On a modern machine, PyPy3.8 can translate in about 20 minutes.
- PyPy Windows 64 is now available on conda-forge, along with nearly 700 commonly used binary packages. This new offering joins the more than 1000 conda packages for PyPy on Linux and macOS.
- Speed improvements were made to io, sum, _ssl and more.
- The 3.8 version of the release contains a beta-quality improvement to the JIT to better support compiling huge Python functions by breaking them up into smaller pieces.
- The 3.8 package now uses the same layout as CPython, and many of the PyPy-specific changes to sysconfig, distutils.sysconfig, and have been removed. The stdlib now is located in <base>/lib/pypy3.8 on posix systems, and in <base>/Lib on Windows. The include files on windows remain the same. On posix they are in <base>/include/pypy3.8. Note we still use the pypy prefix to prevent mixing the files with CPython (which uses python.

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Panos Laganakos

Posted on October 18, 2021

Awesome stuff as always! <3