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Trans Weekend of Remembrance 2022
Published on January 14, 2023 by Jay Huerta

Burrr!! It was a cold one for sure!

Trans Weekend of Remembrance 2022 was Queering The Path's first group camping trip and Trans Retreat! 22 Participants braved the cold weather of 27 degree nights and 50 degree days in the Laguna Mountains near San Diego!

What?! How did you get all those fabulous Queer and Trans folks together,  and enjoy a beautiful time under clear skies and windy conditions!? Friends! We are still in awe!! haha

The weekend was truly one to remember! We had an amazing plant walk where we got to know the plant relatives that have lived on Kumeyaay land (So called San Diego) a little better, while taking in the beautiful grasslands and mountain views. Thanks to the generous donation from our friends at Food Shed City Heights (a local garden co op here in San Diego) our bellies were nourished through out the weekend. Our activities also included gawking at incredibly beautiful Birds, a linocut print workshop led by RNA woodworks Robyn Ness.

We kept warm by the fire during our group meditation led by Mariposx Healing and an incredibly joyful movement session with drumming, dancing and tambourines surrounded in all our Queer glory!

It was truly a beautiful experience to be surrounded by Trans folks during a weekend that is often marked by grief and sadness. While we held on to the beautiful memories we created and the connections shared, nothing could strike our hearts like a vicious blow than the news of the Hate fueled attack on Club Q (an LGBTQ bar/club in Colorado Springs).

Our hearts and minds were filled with a combination of emotions. There we were on a mountain together enjoying laughter, sharing stories, and making new friends. While our siblings were being attacked. How can we hold onto our happiness and joy while our safety is constantly threatened? Just when the beautiful memories began to take root and hope filled our hearts we were reminded of how quickly it is all fleeting.

To exist as a Trans person in the current conditions of this world is devastating to say the least. But at Queering The Path we believe in more. More Joy, More love, More understanding, More Trust and More HOPE! Yes, we are an outdoor QTBIPOC Collective with a goal to get more folks outside and to enjoy the natural world.

But what we do is truly life impacting, and giving. Queering The Path is a collective focused on Joy, Hope, Love, Resistance and CHANGE. We need more safe places for QTBIPOC and Trans Folks to exist freely, safely and loved.

As I wrote this it has been almost 2 months since our Camping trip. Our group has gone through a tough season of heartache, change, and growth.

I have seen in the last 3 years of being committed to this dream is what gives me life as Trans Brown person. This work is sacred, and this work is needed. We will continue in 2023 to bring more dreams to fruition and beyond! 

Thank you to all of our contributors for believing in this dream, for donating money and time to QTP! A big shot out to our organizers both behind the scenes and through out the event. Thank you to  our QTP Guides & Contributors, Haven, Caterra, Ness, Eliza, Krystal, Moni, Yey, Dayze, Emily, Jay, Tera, and Carmen! And to our wonderful ASL interpreters Darren and Jasmine and Melissa for organizing Interpretation.