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The enBiPa Foundation Update, February 2022
Published on February 19, 2022 by Oge Arya

Hello Open Collective Foundation!

enBiPa's mission is to create a non-profit independent manipulation-free ethical social media network and to connect like-minded people, which builds and strengthens community.

enBiPa is a social tech geek community started in Los Angeles, CA and Austin, TX. enBiPa is a non-profit community run by women & queers across the globe.

Both online & in person, enBiPa is creating a collaborative environment that supports community engagement and memorable experiences. When building the JustOne, our small team included all the features we always wanted from a photo sharing platform: zero compression, chronological feed, user data that is not for sale, ethical advertising, etc.

JustOne is a different kind of social media, starting with its non-profit business model. JustOne saw the need for a public-owned social media alternative, so we are creating an independent, community-supported, cross-platform social media ecosystem on Web3. After three years of closed beta testing and development, now is finally the time to launch. Check out our story here:

Social media has such potential to bring people together, but unfortunately, for-profit corporations seem to be more interested in manipulating users, and selling products & data. Algorithms are being used to promote content that sparks outrage, divides society, and keeps users scrolling. Social media platforms have continuously implemented new content filters until shadow banning and #biasedbanning practices became the norm. These practices ultimately block and silence minorities and LGBTQIA2+ communities. If these filters are really meant to protect us, why are trans bodies repeatedly erased while hate speech is still so visible? #TheSocialDilemma

JustOne is changing it up with open source software, decentralized networking, and the first non-profit company structure on social media. We are also implementing ethical income models such as an independent small-business-friendly ad network, sponsorships, a donation-supported community, and other unique B2B services.

JustOne iPhone/iPad App:

JustOne Android App:

JustOne Business:
Download for iOS
Download for Android (Beta)

JustOne is not only a social media app, we are building a community.

JustOne is currently the first project of our enBiPa community. However, social media will not be only our thing. We are always working on different projects like events, tech, music, crypto, artificial intelligence, multimedia. And they will all still be ethical, non-profit, & open source!

enBiPa will also provide free coworking spaces, social media tools, technology, and networking and collaboration opportunities to our members & host IRL and metaverse events!

Contributions directly support our volunteers, project & event disbursements, and help us pay other business expenses. enBiPa believes in full transparency with our members and community. With the Open Collective's outstanding platform and tools, we will be able to share and manage our financials publicly together. Every year, our foundation will donate all profits to women and LGBTQIA2+ owned small businesses and organizations all over the world.

We will soon be launching enBiPa community groups in different cities and countries. We are looking for volunteers to help moderate our conversations and channels & to host our IRL events. Please email us at [email protected] if you'd like to help. 

Also, if you want to be an early adopter or a community member, we just created a Discord channel! Our community members can watch our remote board meetings, vote in the board of directors elections, and run for a seat on the board of directors. Join us to have a conversation and manage our foundation collectively.

Thank you for all of your support on this journey!