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Radarr 3.1+
Published on May 8, 2021 by Qstick

This week we released Radarr 3.1.1 packed with substantial speed improvements as well as many fixes from our previous 3.0.2 release. Along with it a few announcements for the future:

- Radarr 3.2 will be the last release of the 3.X series, followed by 4.0.
- 3.2 will be the last release in which we support mono builds. With the release of 3.1 we should have the majority of paths covered in terms of platforms that required mono builds (BSD and Syno). Users are encouraged to switch to the net5 builds in lieu of the mono builds/packages as soon as possible (you'll love the speed!)
- 3.2 will be the last release which supports the legacy API. Third party developers are encouraged to migrate their apps if they haven’t done so already, they will not work with 4.

In addition to the upcoming roadmap for Radarr, we’ve been hard at work on both Lidarr 1.0 and Readarr making its way out of alpha.. as well as our newest project which we hope to announce formally soon. 

As always thanks for all the support from the community!