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Radarr V3
Published on December 4, 2020 by Qstick

This week we announced the first stable release of Radarr V3 for all platforms. With this release comes some major changes frontend and back (Available on Github). We wanted to take the opportunity to thank each and every one of you that have donated or contributed over the last few years, we wouldn't be here without everyone's help and support. 

With the V3 release we've made some change to our branch and release structure to better align with our other projects and our goals. Going forward, Radarr will have three release channels. `master` for stable releases that have been tested by our bleeding edge testers and have been in production a bit, `develop` for beta-like releases that still may have a few bugs, but have generally been tested by a few people, and `nightly` which will get you every commit we do (good or bad). Now that V3 has been released to the masses we plan on more frequent release schedule on all channels, so we'd recommend master or develop for most users.

Additionally, we've begun rolling out a new wiki at which the discord team has done a fantastic job of getting off the ground, and new API docs for Radarr at

Thanks again to all that have helped to make this happen, we wish you and your families a happy holiday season --- Team Radarr