Goodbye wiki. Hello RaspAP docs!
Published on January 19, 2021 by billz

The wiki is like that drawer in your kitchen where you store things that seem useful but don't have a "place" anywhere else. It serves a purpose, but good luck finding what you need in there if it's not your kitchen.

As this project has grown all sorts of pages have been chucked into the wiki. Trouble is, it's easily overlooked, isn't searchable, lacks customization and so on. So a migration is underway to bring the wiki to a dedicated site built with MkDocs. You can find RaspAP docs hosted at:

MkDocs generates static sites built from pages written in Markdown with a single YAML configuration file. It's fast, simple, searchable, mobile-friendly, and has features like "click to copy" code blocks that everyone likes. Moving the content over was surprisingly trivial. Expect to see the wiki pages sunsetted over the next few days and links to the new RaspAP docs pages take their place.

Head on over to the brand new RaspAP Docs site. This will be your go-to source for clean, organized and up-to-date documentation.