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RaspAP has moved! Join us at our new GitHub organization
Published on February 4, 2021 by billz

If you follow the project on GitHub you may have noticed some recent changes. RaspAP has been migrated from project developer billz's personal account to a GitHub organization, where it belongs! ūüéČFrom now on you can find everything at¬†

Why the change?

A (very) brief history: This project traces its origins to a blog post written by @SirLagz nearly eight years ago to the day. He followed up by releasing the original raspap-webgui source code, saying "I have yet to decide on a good name for it". As often happens, the name stuck and it persists to this day.

Since then, many code contributors have been drawn to it, features added, support extended to more OS's, real documentation written, and several new repos created as the project has grown in popularity and scope. At the same time, sponsors like yourself have seen the value of our efforts and backed us with one-time or recurring financial contributions.

On one level, it made sense to aggregate all this under the aegis of something other than an individual. GitHub makes it ridiculously easy to transfer ownership of repos while maintaining redirects and so on. GitHub organizations are also great for centralizing code, facilitating collaboration and enhancing discoverability; far more than could be done with a collection of personal repos.

More than this, though, it better reflects the contributions made by¬†you‚ÄĒthe community that has evolved around this project.

I've committed changes to handoff existing repos to the new org, so the installer and everything else will work as before.

Thanks for joining us on this journey,

Bill Z