Version 2.5.2 released 🎉
Published on December 7, 2020 by billz

This release includes several enhancements, including support for Adblock custom blocklists. By popular request, new DHCP and hostapd-related settings are now also exposed, giving AP owners finer control over these services. Several language translations have been updated and a new one (Polish) has been added thanks to the ongoing volunteer effort at our public Crowdin project.

This update wouldn't be complete without some community project goodness. We've seen lots of tiny RPi-based portable AP's, but this one takes the cake. Reddit user /u/Giannis_Dor created a micro (nano?) battery powered wireless AP / wifi repeater using an RPi Zero W, an Edimax adapter, upcycled battery cell and RaspAP. Check out the project details here.

Thanks as always to the invaluable contributions our Open Collective financial backers, and our awesome developer community.

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