Open Collective
Open Collective
Do you have an hour spare in the week?
Published on June 27, 2021 by Aym

The good part of being a solidarity collective, as opposed to a charity, is that we are 100% focused on supporting the people we commit to. No trustees, no red tape, no bureaucracy, no internal political games - instead, our actual politics at the front. We believe that no human is illegal. We believe that vulnerable people are being completely left behind in our system. We know that the industry of war is displacing human beings, desperate for refuge, and then being processed here like statistics for profit. And that's why the solidarity that powers us, every penny, every minute, every bag of rice we give and share as a community, is so beautiful.

The 'bad' part, is that unlike even the smallest charities, we don't have any funding. We have no partnerships with charities, no formal support from anywhere. While the financial (chip in here any time) and food donations continue to be literally incredible (sorry for sending a typo in the link last time! here's our actual food items weekly list), we would also love to see you on shift.

We run Wednesday 4,30-6, Saturday 10,30-12(ish). If you can't come and help serve on shift, tasks can be anything from grabbing groceries, sorting items, keeping the kids entertained, sourcing donations, email & social media admin, making the rota, applying for grants, helping with events and more. No matter if you're adhoc or set on a couple of shifts a month, DM us on Facebook, Instagram and we'll send you our WhatsApp rota chat. Pro-tip: mute the chat until you want to take a shift, or you may get more pings than a microwave.

The most important thing to bring to a shift? A big old smile. A laugh. Sharing recipes, goofing around. If you can do that, we'd love to have you.