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Open Collective
From new arrivals from Afghanistan to families settling in - we're supporting
Published on October 27, 2021 by Aym

Things are erratic, hectic, traumatising and hostile for asylum seeking migrants. Look at the work done by amazing groups like Freedom From Torture, Channel Rescue and the Royal National Lifeboat Institute to get a glimpse into the horrors facing those fleeing persecution, war and more, only to be welcomed by hostility in the UK. This, sadly, is exactly what our government has constructed and benefits from.

What we do as a community isn't just about turning up and popping cabbages on a table (although that is part of it!), it's about having open arms. Saying you are valid, valued, amazing, worthy and we want to do whatever we can to help. For us, what we can sustainably do, is food.

With the arrival of many new migrants into hotel accommodation, we've been handing out snack bags to bridge hotel meals - and of course, smiles, coffee and a cake. For our friends in flats and houses, as always, we've been also supplying a wide range of groceries, including emergency care packages for when the government system decides to not even give out the meagre asylum allowance, or our friends are unwell. We reach hundreds of people. We wish we could do more, but we want to stay strong and deliver this, week on week, consistently.

We are super-duper happy, therefore, to announce some awesome local businesses and places who've agreed to be drop-off points for groceries (you can see our full list of items needed here). Raid your cupboards and add a few extra things to your grocery shop, and then drop them off at one of the points. Of course, we always welcome financial donations too, and we can do the shops of things we don't get given. There's no profit, no CEOs, no middle-man, just proper grassroots activism and helping one another.