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We couldn't do this without you.
Published on November 30, 2022 by Deven Parker

Dear Red Kitchen donors,

It's been a while since you've heard from us, and we'd like to update you on what we've been up to for the past few months. We've been extremely busy--our weekly foodbank for asylum-seeking refugees in Reading now regularly serves over 50+ people every Saturday. This is because of the ongoing cost-of-living crisis, and because a new hotel for refugees just opened in the town centre.

Our increased numbers come at a time when public support--and the government's support--for asylum seekers like our friends is at an all-time low. That's why we'd like to thank you for supporting our service, and ask for your continued support.

The Reading Red Kitchen survives on individual donations alone; we're a community mutual aid, not a charity. That means that every single donation goes directly to the families and individuals we serve. For full transparency, our weekly shop budget is £250 per week. For 50 people. We've started rotating Saturdays between pantry, fresh, and toiletry shifts, and we try to make sure that every person gets at least one of each item, but this has been a struggle now that our numbers have increased. Ideally, we'd like to raise our shopping budget to £300 per week--but this all depends on if we continue to receive donations.

Whether we can do this--and keep doing this--depends on you. Your contributions mean that refugee families in our community are able to cook meals, and to have access to soap, period products, and diapers, all of which are basic necessities.

Please consider becoming a monthly donor, and don't hesitate to reach out to us if you have questions about what we do or how you can get involved. And above all, THANK YOU!

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