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Open Collective
We're not surprised at what's happening in Ukraine
Published on March 4, 2022 by Aym

Because we know that as long as profit and power drive most of our societies, war, and the humans displaced by it, are inevitable. That's why we need your help to bolster our support as we prepare for in influx of friends from Ukraine - although the number is, as usual for the UK and will be for Reading itself, pathetically low.

We're sad, but we're not surprised. Some of the comments have been very odd - sudden outrage at European, white folks in the Calais jungle for example. The Calais jungle has always been an absolute abomination, when it was mainly occupied by Black and Brown people too. It hasn't just started being a disgrace. We are so committed to the value of every human being, of genuine anti-racist, anti-xenophobic solidarity, and we will never stop.

Our stocks are running low. When new families arrive, from Ukraine and beyond, we want to make sure we can offer our twice-weekly, take what you like groceries. To do this, we urgently need:

- Monthly subscribers. Our bread and butter is the people who chip in every month. We'd not continue without you. Honestly. Here's the link.
- Groceries. Dropping off to Aisha Masjid, Biscuit Factory in Broad Street Mall, Castle Tap and Yoginah in the town centre.

We are already trying to cope with increased demand. We're looking for fruit and veg donations from grocers to have fresh Wednesdays, to ease the financial pressure off groceries and to offer more nutritious staples. We're always running fundraisers, and to be honest, many volunteers don't claim their expenses, we just want to help. We have to limit shops more than ever to make sure we stay sustainable all year, but we want everyone to have what they need. We can have 40 folks some nights, families, kids, queuing in the cold for snacks, spices and pasta.

Stay in touch with us while we get the groceries in, and prepare for Ramadhan, Easter activities too. Volunteer with us by messaging us on social media. We aren't going anywhere, and even if political parties, local councils and big charities are first to the photo opp but last to actually help, we will be. Because we all know it's what we should be doing.