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We Hope You'll Support the Ridgewood Community Garden!
Published on October 25, 2021 by Nina Berman

Winter Fundraiser from the Ridgewood Community Garden

We're looking to raise $250 per month in recurring donations to help us with expenses like tools, fertilizer, and liability insurance so that our collective garden continues to be a vibrant place that's open for the whole community.

Who We Are

The Ridgewood Community Garden is a volunteer group of friends and neighbors who have been growing organic vegetables, fruits, herbs, and flowers since 2016.

What We Do

We grow a garden together! 

Unlike most other community gardens, we use communal plots exclusively rather than individual ones. This means that we all benefit from a bigger and more diverse harvest. It also means that we are always open to new volunteers! During our open hours, anyone can come by and join us to weed, water, harvest, or just enjoy a patch of greenspace. And, of course, share that day’s harvest. 

Because of our collective structure, there's an unusually low barrier to entry for any garden-curious neighbors of any skill level. 

What We Believe

  • Tending to these shared garden plots helps us learn together, work together, and ultimately helps us build our collective capacities as a community
  • Gardening ties us to one another and to our local ecosystem in powerful ways.
  • Learning how to grow food should be accessible to everyone
  • More people should know how good it tastes to eat a raspberry picked straight from the bush on a summer day

What Your Donations Support

We’re hoping to secure recurring donations of $250 per month. We are concentrating on recurring donations because they give us a very stable base from which to move, plan, and grow but, of course, if that's not your vibe, we absolutely accept one-time donations! Plus: Because we are fiscally sponsored by the Open Collective Foundation, any donations you make to the Ridgewood Community Garden are fully tax-deductible!

Your donations will help us pay for the following:

  • Organic mulch & fertilizer
  • Equipment (right now, our biggest need is a new mower)
  • Tools (including ones to have on hand for new volunteers who might not have gloves, shears, knee pads, or other tools)
  • Liability insurance for the space
  • Other expenses as they arise
  • Seeds from local, organic, heritage seed companies
  • Maybe some more fruit trees…..?!
Even though it seems like it's not a lot, something as small as a $5/ month donation really helps us in the long term! 

How To Get Involved

Come to the garden, say hello, and come work with us! 

We’re located at 54-29 Metropolitan Avenue, between Amory Ct. and Tonsor St. Our open hours are on Sundays and Thursdays. We post our exact hours on our Instagram and Facebook. To get more involved with the planning and organizing of the garden, just let us know! We’d love to have you. 

You can also feel free to email us at [email protected] to talk more. We’ve been so lucky to receive donations of plants, tools, soil, and beds from people in our community. 
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