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Rocky Mountain Mutual Aid Network (RMMAN)

RMMAN began operating in 2020 in response to a need in our community during the pandemic. In partnership with a local food rescue, Joy’s Kitchen, our volunteers deliver groceries to approximately 15-20 households across the Denver metro every week.


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Since July 2020, Rocky Mountain Mutual Aid Network has been delivering groceries every week to approximately 15-20 households with individuals who are disabled, immunocompromised, or lack access to safe transportation to food banks. In addition to our grocery delivery, our volunteers have also been restocking the Community Fridges around Denver. We are a fully volunteer-run mutual aid group. We started doing this food distribution at the outset of the Covid-19 pandemic, in light of the government's failure to care for people during crisis.  Our volunteers do this work in solidarity with our community. We do this because WE keep us safe, and communities must provide for each other's survival. If you are interested in volunteering with us, please visit our signup genius page.

At the moment, we receive the vast majority of our food for free from our gracious partner, Joy's Kitchen. In order to serve more households throughout the Denver Metro area we are currently exploring options to purchase groceries from other food suppliers. This would allow us to deliver groceries to areas that we haven't been able to serve previously. Your generous donations will help us feed more people in our community. Every bit helps!


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