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Denver Mutual Aid + Propane Refill

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Submitted by Teddy Dags on December 23, 2021

Invoice items
Jenna, Renee, and I have teamed up to allocate funds towards getting much needed winter resources for the denver unhoused community. Socks- 300 pairs @ $150 each - 1500 pairs @ $750 TOTAL Gloves / Hat combo- 96 pair @ $120 - 480 pairs @$600 TOTAL Hand Warmers- 240 for $180 - 960 @ $720 TOTAL Thermal Underwear- 4 Pices- $30 - 25 pairs (100 pc) @$750 TOTAL Tarps- 40 6x8 @ $112 - 80 @ $224 TOTAL Tents- 3 person @ $30 - 30 @ $900 TOTAL Sleeping bag- $20 each - 50 bags @ $1000 TOTAL Blankets- 10 each - 100 @ $1000 TOTAL 5944 TOTAL Propane- Refill Adapters- 24 @ 480 Total Tank Warmers- 3 for 300 TOTAL Cart- 120 TOTAL 10 propane heaters-800 total is the itemized list of what we would need which accumulates to a total of $7644.00. These funds would be used for weekly distibution as well as emergency needs. There has been a new group formed that fills close to 200 camping propanes a week at different camps and has 3 or 4 days of outreach and direct community support every single week. These supplies will undoubtably be distrubuted before the end of winter. we've checked with MAM to make sure that there isnt any unnecessary overlap of resources we are all acquiring. Thank you!
Date: 12/23/2021

$7,644.00 USD

Total amount $7,644.00

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By Teddy Dagson

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By Drew Hornbeinon

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By Drew Hornbeinon

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