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Rogers Park Rocks!
Published on October 28, 2021 by Tessa Constantine


That’s the number of items we’ve been able to put in the hands of our neighbors since June. When you realize the Free Store has been doing this since February, that number is even more amazing! It’s no exaggeration to say this wouldn’t be possible without the incredible community we have in Rogers Park.

Since starting, we were able to raise $34,458 through GoFundMe, and an additional $22,262 since transferring to Open Collective. All of that money goes directly towards critical relief and  mutual aid work in the community. We know the past year and a half has been no small feat and we are so appreciative for all who partake in our efforts.

As we note in our community agreements, we are here to share as equals in the rich experience  of mutual aid. Everyone who engages with us is a valuable part of our community, whether you participate through social media, donations, or by attending our open hours in any capacity. Thank you for embodying what makes Rogers Park special!

Below is a full list of the items we’ve distributed to the community since June. We do this not just for transparency, but in celebration of how much we’ve been able to accomplish since starting this project. We love you and look forward to many more months of community together.

390 travel tissue packs
158 cotton swabs
604 deodorants
343 toothbrushes
537 toothpastes
75 dental floss
115 mouthwash
100+ baggies of bandaids & antibiotic ointment
90 acetaminophen
109 ibuprofen
381 lotions
1194 bar soaps
150 hand soap
100+ bags of asst menstrual pads
100+ bags of asst tampons
150 cotton rounds
142 vaselines
228 sunscreens
50 rubbing alcohol
376 hand sanitizer
535 razors
144 cases of diapers sizes 0-6
24 cases of pull-ups
681 baby wipes
58 baby washes
450 each of shampoos & conditioners
1490 rolls toilet paper
121 bleaches
37 cases fabuloso
1001 dish soaps
743 paper towel rolls
1526 sponges
358 comet powders
356 sanitizing wipes
790 laundry detergents
720 garbage bags
243 all-purp spray cleansers
156 bleach spray cleansers

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