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Update for October 2020
Published on October 13, 2020 by Riccardo D'Ambrosio

This month we are continuing work towards establishing the framework for some of the well known and expected features of a modern linter. We would like to highlight a couple of them:

  • Native TypeScript support is coming in #40 , this is one of RSLint's most requested features and we are excited to bring it to users
  • Better errors are coming with #35, the switch from codespan-reporting to annotate-snippets will allow us to have custom errors as well as multiline suggestions
  • Autofix is coming in #45, Autofix will allow RSLint to automatically fix many issues for you.
  • Incremental reparsing and relinting is coming in #45, incremental reparsing refers to the parser being able to form a new tree from an old tree and changes by detecting the least amount of items it must parse again and replace in the tree. This will greatly speed up the linter in on-the-fly linting in platforms such as IDEs and with file watching
  • File watching is coming in #45 as well, allowing the linter to watch files it has already linted for changes and relinting them on the fly using incremental reparsing.
  • Many parser bug fixes have been added, we are gradually fixing issues in the parser which have been found using test262

Thank you for your support!