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The Sandstorm Community is participating in FundOSS!
Published on June 3, 2021 by Jacob Weisz

Hey everyone,

Since GitHub's matching program ended, we've been trying to keep an eye out for any funding opportunities that we might be able to take advantage of. One such opportunity presented itself a few months ago via Open Source Collective, the fiscal host of our OpenCollective. They've partnered with Gitcoin to created a funding platform and matching program called "FundOSS", which seemed applicable to us, and I was able to sign us up for. FundOSS is a donation matching initiative that operates through OpenCollective, and uses a model know as democratic or quadratic funding. We are one of the first 60 projects to participate in this program, along with some pretty well-known other projects like The Tor Project, OpenSCAD, and Pixelfed, and in this initial round, FundOSS is offering up $75,000 to be distributed amongst those projects.

You can check them out at

Quadratic funding is intended to amplify the power of smaller donors. Rather than allocate matching funds solely based on the amount of money contributed to a project, it aims to also allocate funds based on the number of donors on a project. This means that even small donations to our project can have a larger impact on the amount of funds available to us. We can then allocate these funds to compensate contributors for time spent working on improving Sandstorm or packaging apps for Sandstorm, according to the outline defined here:

The FundOSS campaign kicks off June 10th, and will run through June 24th. We're hoping as many people in our community as possible can contribute during this time, even if only a small amount, as any amount will help us secure a larger piece of the matching funds. Funds contributed to our project through FundOSS will be delivered immediately to our OpenCollective, though I believe do need to be placed through the FundOSS platform to count towards the matching program. Also consider looking at the other projects participating, as all of them deserve our support, and the rising tide of open source is good for everyone.