Open Collective
Open Collective
We are moving our finances to Open Collective
Published on July 5, 2022 by Elena

Dear rebels,

We are very thankful to your financial support. Without you we wouldn’t have achieved so much. We need to continue being supported in order to keep fighting for a livable future for all. We are moving our finances to Open Collective to increase transparency, so we would need you to use it for future donations.

We are going to keep using Donorbox, our old donation platform, for about two more weeks. After that we’ll close it and use only Open Collective. 

You will see some large amounts of money in the form of donations at the beginning. This is us moving our funds from the old accounts to this new one. This is the list of donations which has been done by us:
- €28,660 from "Scientist Rebellion Donorbox"
- €5,820 from "Incognito"
- €20,281 from "Donations directly to bank account"

Here you can find information about how to donate:
You can do a monthly donation of the amount you choose. We really appreciate monthly donations, as they allow us to plan our yearly budget better.

Love and rage,
Scientist Rebellion funding team.

Conrotte Frederic

Posted on October 19, 2022

Great idea ! Open Collective is a clever initiative