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Scuttleships Implementation Update #1

cypherlink: %h+XWYtijskgFWYMFyj2dvpIhpLHHxIWVjRcyyHW30TE=.sha256Implementation Outline Version 1: Groups of ~5-8 interested individuals will be offered a fixed one-off payment to participate in an experiment in the Scuttleship ecosystem ...
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Published on June 23, 2019 by teq


The initial scuttleships idea draws on insights from a range of spaces (I’ll not attempt to summarise these; check out @dan hassan's idea-stub. The key concrete-proposal parts we want to build on are: 

something like a scholarship for people from different social movements to spend time in the open research and knowledge community that is the scuttleverse. I don’t think scholarship is the right word. I associate scholar with academia which I don’t think engenders the abundance/sufficiency and open research realities of scuttlebutt. So what about Scuttlebutt Ships. There is a tie to ships with the name of gossip and with our early sailing roots. So - Scuttle Ships.

I am thinking of proposing that we create some Scuttle Ships of some value where we pay marginalised folx and folx involved in various future organisations to spend time within the scuttleverse, to bridge, to deposit and to just generally be them and to experience a fusion within cypherspace. Rather than deliverables or KPIs the purpose will be cross-pollination in itself. I have a gut flora feeling that this is the right moment for something like this.
In this way, the scuttleships project aligns with the shared principles emerging within the Scuttleverse, and  complements a bunch of other initiatives within the Scuttlebutt ecosystem aiming to foster collaborators not consumers cultures that include a range of perspectives. For example, scuttleships have the potential to increase diversity in the scuttleverse without perpetuating tokenistic or extraction-models of inclusion (by paying people from marginalised communities to be involved in the process of finding out how to better create spaces where people who are traditionally marginalised in broader society can contribute). Likewise, the scuttleships initiative complements #microsolidarity initiatives like the various faerie-rings forming publicly and otherwise; continuing conversations around how to #decolonise our spaces; and some of the potential uses I see for #private-groups, to name a few.

From the broader discussion on the [privilege petri-dish](%bn2zUUM30RoGtd1gN/vJAPASmffhekuBGYveOQtM+7A=.sha256) that helped prompt the initial idea-stub, and from discussion since, the proposed implementation is based on an understanding that Scuttleships should contribute to the following goals:

1. To add to [existing processes](%FuphnCqkqeH0YU2oFkLppAQ9qSK1URbXTPYozEhL7JE=.sha256) for increasing [diversity of perspectives](%YZ8dY4zNTEQUG5d3/GKWPONB/ETurDtJ8zelkhsVR9Q=.sha256) contributing to the scuttleverse. (For example, while not a required output, Scuttleship participants are likely to contribute to the ecosystem by diversifying content and providing feedback with us about their experiences as new-people within the Scuttleverse.)

2. To avoid perpetuating tokenistic or extraction-models of inclusion by providing additional support for those most vulnerable during the [painful process of learning to collaborate in more diverse groups](%lkoq6GxAT5C9dfQSPlBs+1e7F92fcUX6rl3P0lDb6Ls=.sha256). (For example, by acknowledging the additional costs for marginalised people to contribute to open-source projects by providing financial and social support)

3. To foster [collaborators not consumers]( cultures. (For example, by not only inviting collaboration in creating Scuttlebutt ecosystem, but supporting those for whom this type of project is not otherwise accessible).

For more information see our: Implementing Scuttleships Updates

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