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SE16 Community Fund Constitution


Posted on September 24, 2020

Our commitment:

1. We administer this fund on the basis of solidarity, not charity. This means that we all give what we can and take what we need depending on our current circumstances.

2. We operate from a trust first position. This means that we assume that people are trustworthy and are owed the dignity to make their own choices without oversight. When money is given to residents from the fund, it is given as a no-strings-attached payment. We will not ask recipients of the fund to provide evidence of how the money is spent. We will reduce access to the fund only where we see that trust has been broken.

3. We have a duty of care to ensure that those who need access to the fund can get it. This means that we commit to actively seeking out people who would benefit from the fund.

4. We are transparent and we speak plainly. This means anyone can see exactly what money is changing hands. We tell it like it is without jargon. And we translate material wherever possible.

5. We are here to address the wealth imbalance within our community. We aim to set up something long lasting, adaptable and community centred.  We aim to share resources and actively assist the setting up of other community funds locally.

6. We are against all forms of oppression, and appreciate that inequality of wealth is one of many structural injustices. We recognise that social structures and institutional conditions impact the freedom of different communities. We also acknowledge how these interact to further impact on the freedom of people. In administrating and growing the fund, we appreciate and consider how they affect who can access it and their experience in doing so. Our goal is to empower and involve recipients of the fund in its management throughout its development.

7. SE16 Community fund is self-organised and independent from political parties and other institutional authorities. This means that we will only work in relation to these bodies where it furthers the aims of the fund and creates no restrictions on our ability to maintain this constitution. We are independent of and work in collaboration with mutual aid groups in SE16. All decisions made by the SE16 Community Fund are made with the input and agreement of all who administer the fund. We are open to applications to join as an administrator, especially if this makes us more diverse as a group.

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