Open Collective
Open Collective

Contributor - Early Bird

Sponsoring at this level provides the following benefits:

  • A single meeting sponsorship with all the benefits listed within the Meeting Sponsor level.
  • For 3 months, a "shoutout" during the meeting kickoff, with an included sponsor logo.
  • For 3 months, the sponsor logo will be displayed on the sponsorship page in a "Contributor" section.
  • An optional benefit of working with Foundry Distillery Company to make a five gallon private barrel from available aged barrels.
    • Details of the Private Barrel Club can be found on Foundry Distillery Company's website.
    • If you'd like to pursue this further, you must contact us via emailing [email protected] as this must be coordinated with Foundry Distillery Company.
    • Price includes the cost of the Private Barrel Club