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v0.0.1 Pre-Alpha Released
Published on August 5, 2020 by Stephen Kluthe

This is the initial Pre-Alpha release for Yacht. Everything has been re-written as a Flask API backend with a Vuejs frontend to provide a reactive experience. Not everything that was in the Flask version is available yet (User Roles is the main thing that's lacking) but there are some new features that weren't in the flask version such as:

* Viewing Logs

* Easy access to container actions

* JWT Authentication

* Full API (Available at /api (not yet documented))

* Loading indicators (so you know things are actually happening)

The main goals to finish Pre-Alpha and get to an actual Alpha are as follows:

* Live log updates (so you don't have to refresh your page to get the latest logs).

* Deploy logs (so you can see where exactly deployment is at).

* Live updates of processes.

* Building more stability into the JWT auth and interceptors to make sure you aren't logged out at weird times.

* Show the user errors so they know what broke.

* Variables in templates for common locations so they can be set in the "Server Settings" page and everything can truly be 1 click deployed.

All relevant documentation (including installation info)) is available here:

Once we hit Alpha I will be archiving the current flask version and replacing it with the new vue version.