Release of Sequelize v6.9.0
Published on November 1, 2021 by Sascha Depold

Sequelize is back with a new (or old?) core team :) The team is working hard to get a grip on the sheer amount of tickets that has been piling up since early 2021 and has merged ~30 PRs in the last few weeks.

Besides a good amount of fixes and improvements to the type definitions, v6.9.0 is shipping a couple of general bug fixes as well as support for MySQL 8.

If you are using Sequelize then you might be interested in the recently shipped changes!

Bonus: You are a happy user of Sequelize and would like to give back to the engineering team behind it? We have recently created an OpenCollective based money pool which is shared amongst all core maintainers based on their contributions. Every support is wholeheartedly welcome. ❤️