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Open Collective
Moving to GitHub Sponsors
Published on September 15, 2022 by Ikey Doherty

Hi all! Thanks to your ongoing support, the project is now in a really, really solid development position. We're now selfhosting, capable of booting, and our build infra will be live in the coming days!

Please check the most recent blog post.

Our journey is far from over, however. With the new build infra we now have to flesh out the distribution itself - and race towards a functioning desktop experience!

Going forwards we're going to move to GitHub Sponsors, among multiple other reasons, for a reduction in fees. We want to see the financial support you provide put to the best use.

If you want to continue with us on this journey - please do switch to my personal GitHub Sponsors page ! GitHub is where we undertake all development of Serpent OS - and host our code. You can sign up here.