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Mix September (part 2)

by Protozoa10/19/2020

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by Emmi Bevensee10/15/2020

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by Max Aliapoulios10/12/2020

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The Social Media Analysis Toolkit (SMAT) was designed to help facilitate activists, journalists, researchers, and other social good organizations to analyze and visualize larger trends on a variety of platforms. We provide easy to use tools that help you tell a story about something happening at a large scale online. The tools are designed to be quick and simple so that users can quickly respond to things like disinformation and hate as they occur, while also having the tools be rigorous enough to have applications in scholarly research. While we have built the framework, it is up to you and your curiosity to find what stories are waiting to be discovered.

Find us on gitlab or say "Hey!" at rebelliousdata[at] or @emmibevensee on Twitter. Descriptions of bugs or desired features welcomed!

Contributors: Emmi Bevensee, Max Aliapoulios, Harry Momand, Jason Baumgartner, Quinn Dougherty, Jeremy Blackburn,  ZC,  Protozoa Co-op, Mix Irving, Jacob Karlsson, Zach!, Jahed Momand, and others. Special thanks to the incredible iDrama research lab for their support. Tools built with Pushshift. Inspired by the slackbot. Made in with collaboration and support from the Network Contagion Research Institute and the Mozilla Foundation.