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Community Event ASL Interpretation

Help us ensure that our community events are fully accessible for all Socially Distant Art residents! Your contribution of $200 will fund ASL interpretation for one of our community events.

SDA is committed to only hiring ASL interpreters through grassroot organizations and small businesses. We regularly hire ASL interpreters for our events from Pro Bono ASL and Joyful Signing. Helping us fund ASL interpretation for our residency events allows us to develop stronger community bonds within both the SDA cohort and the larger Disability community. Your contribution will support SDA residency program, and Disability Justice oriented ASL providers that center the needs of D/deaf and Hard-of-Hearing folks.

We host roughly 2 one-hour community events per month during our 10-month residency cycle. We follow industry standards for ASL interpretation, which includes entails 2 ASL interpreters at $100 each per hour.


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