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OpenCollective Announcement
Published on January 16, 2019 by Sean Denny

Canadian digital agency Stembolt was acquired late July by Juul Labs. Stembolt formally announced the acquisition earlier this year prior to Southeast Solidus. This has created a gap in leadership of Solidus. We’re proud to announce that from December onward, Solidus is joining the growing list of open and sustainable communities partnering with OpenCollective.

We understand that many in the community may have been feeling unsure regarding the future of Solidus. Solidus and its community have always been strong. Through the strength of the community, a group of concerned individuals was formed. This group is inclusive of many retailers, agencies and long-term members of the community. Everyone in this group is deeply invested in the success of Solidus.

Over many weeks we determined what we feel was the best path for the future of Solidus and have unanimously decided that Solidus should become an OpenCollective project. Since the beginning Solidus has enjoyed a vibrant and engaging community, we are happy to guarantee that this will continue, in addition, this paves the way for:

  • Continued maintenance
  • Adding new features
  • Security patches when required
  • Framework improvements
  • Future conferences
  • Securing the future of Solidus as a leading open source e-commerce framework.

How You Can Help

While we are excited about this development, we are still looking for help from the community.

In an effort to facilitate this new direction, we are seeking:

  • A full-time contributor
  • Contributions to the platform and the #support channel
  • Financial support
  • Case studies from Solidus retailers

Thank you for your continued support,

Solidus Stakeholders