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Open Collective
Solidus Partnership Program
Published on September 9, 2019 by Shana Remigio

For those of you who missed it, here's our Partners page! 🎊

Becoming a partner

If you’re interested in becoming a partner that will be listed on this page and have the opportunity to get in touch with promising clients, you need to:

1) Make a monthly recurring donation via OpenCollective

2) Fill out this form ->

Solidus Partnership Program is your chance to present yourself as a Solidus expert and show your commitment to the project.

Why OpenCollective

Let’s say something more about OpenCollective.

An open source project like Solidus lives thanks to the commitment, dedication, and cooperation of its tireless and generous contributors; Solidus is a Community. 👥👥 That’s why we felt it necessary to be completely transparent with you and we chose the OpenCollective platform to collect and invest money to keep the project alive and to keep all of you up to date about these operations.

Our intention is to use the funds collected with OpenCollective to make the Solidus community grow and improve day by day through different initiatives (e.g. conferences, design improvements, development, documentation, etc…).

If you need any clarification or more info, feel free to contact us.