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Open Collective
The Backstory
Published on August 29, 2021 by Blockchange Hodling Company

I knew that it wouldn't make much sense without the overall story. I am not going to go into vivid details and I am going to try to keep it at least remotely readable. Consider this the "lite" version.

Overview: All of the cliché' stuff that leaves most people broken, I've lived it and survived it. Eventually I hit rock bottom. I was lost and empty. I somehow found faith and the law of attraction almost at exactly the same time. The list of things that I have prayed/manifested is massive. Not only have I been blessed to have these things, but in multiple situations they were almost impossible.

I am currently on the road to building the biggest manifestation of my life. I wanted to share the story, the journey, and the success with everyone I could. So, as insane as the stuff below is, there are two reasons I am putting it out there. First, to show that if I can do it anyone can do it. Second, because I am a firm believer that you cannot learn from your mistakes if you don't make them. As odd as it may sound... All of these mistakes actually make sense. In retrospect I can see exactly what I took away from each failure/period of my life. 

Cliché' checklist:
  • I often label it as "born to be broken" 
  • Parents divorced, not a big deal today but in the 1990s + in a bible belt town that still hasn't caught up to 2021, it was just another cliché' to add to the list. 
  • Moved to Kentucky, mother worked multiple jobs, still lived in housing projects.
  • Mother remarried - moved to a trailer. 
  • Stepfather has mental illnesses (multiple)
  • Child abuse survivor 
  • Domestic violence survivor (We're talking guns pulled, hostage situations here, just to make it clear)
  • High school drop out
  • Laid off and unable to find work
  • Lost everything in a house fire (literally everything except what I had on me)
  • Moved cross country to find work/love
  • Drug addict
  • Criminal
  • Homeless
  • Hopeless
  • Depressed
  • Suicidal 
  • Recovering addict
  • Future Billionaire 
  • Divorced (soon hopefully, separated at the very least)
I built my faith unintentionally. Even after obtaining things I wanted, I had this empty and lost feeling. Mostly because I realized that even with the pay raise it wasn't going to help me get what I wanted. A home of my own. One that wouldn't go away or cause me to constantly stress. I couldn't even try to get a mortgage because of paying rent that was on par or more expensive than a mortgage. I had accepted defeat until that last bullet above. That is when I realized that I had placed it in God's hands and that I had came out the other side of the marriage better than when I went in. About a year after the divorce (pending) I stumbled upon investing. After I flipped $5 into $2,000 within a month, it made me realize I had found my purpose.

The feeling I had was indescribable. I had forgot all about it. I had something I had lost entirely. Hope. I have spent every day since trying to build a business and contribute something positive to the world. The very first project I came up with was this one. While the idea of "Something Out Of Nothing" has evolved - the foundation of it remains the same. A series that I call "The Comeback". I wanted to openly and transparently show every cent earned towards my goal and how it was obtained. Oddly enough, even Open Collective was a bit of a miracle. I had written it in a Word document and stumbled upon it today. I had been questioning my choice of "goal tracking" app. I figured a third party platform designed for exactly what I was trying to do might be the way the go. So.... Here we are... Here is how it works...

  1. I have recorded the first few videos. I just need to put a background on them and post them. 
  2. The content will be released in video, blog, and hopefully some podcasts. 
  3. Here are the official links to some of the stuff. At this time I haven't posted much of anything:
Something Out Of Nothing Directory:
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