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ANNOUNCEMENT: Upcoming Mutual Aid Event
Published on November 16, 2022 by Ashley Cham

Our project of love for Long Island community has grown to support and serve all families who we call neighbors. On September 2nd, we gathered 10 community organizers from all over the country. We sought feedback and insight, and were deeply encouraged by the reception from those we are proud to call allies when we presented our grand idea for our local collective. We welcomed our comrades to ask question and offer insight regarding our motivation to build on what we've learned together and our decision to focus our mutual aid and political education efforts locally, in our NYC-adjacent community. We are excited to expand and recreate this community gathering model to encourage community sanctuary, feedback and collaboration from the community trailblazers we are inspired to support and service. We are also inspired by the many opportunities to come where we will connect directly with our neighbors where they are, as they are.

We spent a lot of time considering the best way to engage our community directly to begin base building and encouraging empathy amongst our neighbors, who do not yet know us by name. We saw the model created by Astoria's FreeStore and were inspired by their commitment to:
  •  Building strong communities
  • Eradicating food and clothing insecurity
  • Encouraging recycling and reuse
  • Catalyzing change through free items 
  • find value in the devalued
The upcoming holiday season is a perfect opportunity to foster positve individual relationships with our people about material goods while combating poverty through empowerment. It would also be a memorable opportunity to find future supporters to help us build our dream for Divine Solidarity.

Since the best things in life are free, it is with great consideration, we are pleased to announce that we are planning to share these impactful positive energies, far and wide, on Long Island! While we are now seeking contributions in solidarity and funding opportunities, we currently have $1000 of contributions for a small scale December operation and are strategically planning the most effective action, Nassau county location pending. From our discovery research to cross-examine what worked for others, we are inspired by so many direct action initiatives we are inspired to share in the near future. You'll have to just wait and see. 👀 Better yet, help us plan our next moment, we'd love to have you on the team!

Stay tuned for updates.

in Solidarity,
The Soul Descendants 🌻
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