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Happy January from SPCF! 🍎
Published on February 11, 2023 by Kathryn Nolan

Happy 2023 from the South Philly Community Fridges! 

We raised $3,768 in the month of January! Given how abundant the end of the year was, we still have over $5,000 in our account – thank you again for making the end of last year so wonderful.

We’re so very grateful for the monetary donations we’ve been receiving already in the new year – and we remain committed to spending it on groceries for our neighbors. This month has also seen many new volunteers wanting to get even more involved with mutual aid in their neighborhood and we’re so happy to have new folks coming on board! Based on an increase in donations, we also raised our reimbursement amount to $75 per fridge/pantry fill, which has allowed us to provide even more food. We’ve also started a new partnership with Rowhouse Grocery, providing about 35-40 meals for our neighbors every other week. 

We spent $7,312 and reimbursed 57 fridge fill trips, which includes shopping trips that fill multiple fridges. $6,688 was spent directly on groceries for our neighbors. We spent $68 on Lunar New Year decorations for our locations (see pictures down below!), $300 on pastries from Dodo Bakery for our La Colombe coffee giveaway event, and $256 on business cards and stickers for our community outreach events. 

We recorded a total of 129 fridge fills in January, which only includes fills completed with donor funds or large donations. Community members continue to take what they need and leave what they can every single day.

Out of 31 days in the month, our locations saw:

People’s Kitchen: 16 filled days
BOK: 27 filled days
Cleveland St: 19  filled days
DiSilvestro: 22 filled days
Mifflin Square: 22  filled days
Point Breeze: 23 filled days

Thank you again for helping to keep our locations clean and our fridges full. Mutual aid is about neighbors helping neighbors – and we’re so grateful to do this work alongside all of you.

Stay warm, South Philly – and go birds!



Posted on February 11, 2023

Go birds! 

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