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Open Collective
July Gratitude
Published on August 6, 2022 by Victoria Jayne

Hello Fridge Friends! We hope you're having a beautiful summer. We are full of gratitude for your unwavering kindness and support in the month of July.

We raised a stunning $3,500.21 in the month of July! This includes a contribution of $650.00 from Grassroots Bocce League's Spring Tournament Champions (go team Del Bocce Vista!), a microgrant of $500 from the Greater Cincinnati Foundation, $156.21 from the sale of merchandise, and $632.00 from a birthday fundraiser (it was my birthday, shh). We spent $2,847.32, which included $525.17 on a refrigerator, $31.83 on hardware, and $2,290.32 on food.

We reimbursed 29 fridge fill trips, which includes shopping trips that fill multiple fridges. We recorded a total of 127 fridge fills in July, which only includes fridge fills completed with donor funds or large donations. The fills are as follows:
People’s Kitchen: filled 15 days
BOK: filled 20 days
Cleveland St: filled 13 days
DiSilvestro: filled 19 days
Mifflin Square: filled 19 days
Point Breeze: filled 26 days
Smith Playground: filled 15 days

Looking forward to the month of August, we are thrilled to celebrate our second anniversary on Friday, August 19th at 6 PM by the BOK fridge at 9th and Mifflin. We will be sharing free water ice and soft pretzels with the community, along with toys for our kiddo friends and the young at heart.

We are the nonprofit partner of the Philly 10K this year and will be volunteering to support the race on Sunday, August 28th. The Philly 10K and their sponsor, Diadora, have pledged a significant financial contribution to the fridges which we will be excited to tell you more about soon! 

Thank you again for your abundant support and community. South Philadelphia Community Fridge is all of us. I like to say that it takes a million little miracles every day to keep the fridges running, and that's all of you. As we enter our second year of operations, South Philadelphia Community Fridge is stronger than ever. Thank you for bringing us here. We love you.