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October Abundance!!!
Published on November 11, 2022 by Victoria Jayne

Hello Fridge Friends!

We have a spectacular update for you about what we were able to accomplish with your support in the month of October. We raised a historic amount of money in October- an incredible  $9,668.66! We owe $6,805.00 to the generosity of the 2022 Philly 10K! The Philly 10K designated us as their philanthropic partner for the race, and their runners and sponsors made generous contributions to South Philadelphia Community Fridge. Their funds have been transformative for what we're able to do to support our South Philly neighbors! 

Beyond the funds we received from the Philly 10K, we raised $2,863.66 in individual contributions in October! Thank you for your generosity and support.

So... what did we do with this incredible abundance in October? We shared it with our neighbors! In October we counted 135 fridge fills, including filling our Point Breeze fridge every single day in October. These fridge fills only include fills that we reimburse or source from donors, and do not include all individual contributions.
Our recorded fridge fills were as follows:
Point Breeze: 31 fills
Cleveland St: 20 fills
DiSilvestro: 20 fills
BOK: 26 fills
The People's Kitchen: 19 fills
Mifflin Square: 19 fills

We spent $4,451.32 in October, including $680.88 on events (this includes event expenses back paid from August and September), $275 on insurance, $201.36 on merchandise to sell, $104.07 on our Shopify subscription, and $3,190.01 on feeding our neighbors!

In October we held our third annual Halloween Party, this time at Mifflin Square Park. We celebrated the holiday with candy, games, prizes, and pumpkin decorating. The pumpkins were generously donated by Grocery Outlet of West Oregon Ave.

As a 100% volunteer mutual aid organization, all of the funds we receive go towards caring for our South Philadelphia neighbors. Together we are Neighbors Helping Neighbors! We can't wait to see what we do together in the coming months. 

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