Open Collective
Open Collective

Community Resiliency Alliance Social House


We are using the space we have to establish and maintain an open mutual aid social space for queer and marginalized people. We intend to rent a cabin to provide to members of the community for free as a space to get away from the stress of... the world.


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Financial Contributions

One-time contribution

Throw some money our way, if you'd like to help support the social space. Every bit helps.

Starts at$5 USD

Fund ongoing cabin rent

We want to rent a cabin for use as a community space for people who need it, to provide a space away from hell-society for people to rest and recup... Read more

$0.00 USD of $1,500 USD / month raised (0%)

Starts at$5 USD / month

One-time contribution
Fund an air filter

To make the space usable for people safely as a social space, and to keep the smoke at bay during fire season, we want to build several air filtrat... Read more

$50 USD

Custom contribution
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