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The community space is open. (re-posted)
Published on July 27, 2022 by Anarkat All*Well‽

Through a lot of weeks of intermittent work, the community space is finally ready for use. The only thing left? People to use it. If you know me or live in the area, I invite you to contact me for information on getting here.

First, the wall. Once we got things started, we made pretty good progress on putting it in. We decided to go ahead and get insulation to put inside it, to ensure that noise couldn't travel from my partner's office into the social space and also the other way. It is incredibly effective.

That weird lumpy bit at the top? That's how we're getting air into the office from the community space, because the office doesn't have its own air conditioning.

A closer look at the lumpy bit of insulation.

Here's the office side of the wall, showing what the other side looks like, but before the office was rearranged.

Here's the community space side of the wall, all done up. The vent pulls in fresh cool air from the community space. It works well so far. We may find it necessary to improve the ventilation capabilities, but for now it works well.

We were able to get the air filters purchased and assembled. 

 They're in place and working extremely well, doing double duty as air circulation. On high, I believe they should do an outstanding job of keeping the air clean.

Finally, the rest of the space. I've gotten the whole thing rearranged, and my housemates say that it is extremely cozy. I'll let you be the judge. 

 I'm working on plans for setting up a radio class in the space, and getting my friends and other folks into digital amateur radio, because I think it's a useful skill to have.

Thanks to the support of my friends and comrades, I've been able to get all this together. My friends were all a great help in getting the wall put into place. 
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