We've just launched!
Published on May 12, 2022 by Anarkat

I've been talking about this for a while. It's finally gone through, and I'm happy to finally get this off the ground.

Starting out, our top priority is getting a wall built. That's not a joke. Before we can open up the space for use as a social and community space, we must have a wall built between one room of the house, and the rest of the downstairs area. My housemate and partner Dan is a therapist, and his office is open to the rest of the downstairs common area. This space cannot be used during the day until the office is closed off for the privacy of clients.

After that, we must also construct or obtain air purifiers for the social space, to minimize risk of covid exposure, and to keep the air clear of smoke during the fire season, which is rapidly approaching.

Once that is done, we can open the space up for visitors and guests.

While the space is in use, we will obtain furniture and supplies for the space as funds permit.

Outside of the Spokane Mutual Aid Social House, we will use our sizable kitchen (The Spokane Mutual Aid Community Kitchen, or SMACK) to prepare and provide meals to local people as part of Food Not Bombs. We have a box truck which we will be using to support these efforts.

We will use whatever other means are available to us, to support the members of our community, getting people where they need to go, and getting them the things they need, as part of spokane mutual aid local logistics, or s.m.a.l.l.

As part of our goal of connecting people together, we plan to use grants and funds to help spread knowledge of the use and operation of amateur radio, to help ensure people are able to communicate together in an emergency, and to operate a small home server to meet the needs of the members of our community.

Money provided to the main Spokane Mutual Aid page will go where it is most useful, which is currently to support opening the social house to guests and visitors. Money contributed to the Social House initiative will only be used to support Social House operations.