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Simple Sustainable Housing for Communities

SSHC is a building project in Aotearoa, establishing the first community-based training and accommodation unit for the sustainable Truss House™ system.


Simple Sustainable Housing for Communities (SSHC) is connecting the community to our project in order to establish the first high efficiency community-based training and accommodation unit for the sustainable Truss House™ system. 

This is the first demonstration build of the truss house system in New Zealand (following 15 houses using the Truss House system being built and tested on the ground in Canada). This build is the culmination of our product development phase and will allow communities, organizations and individuals across New Zealand to initiate a range of sustainable housing projects based on this process. By establishing this blueprint, community based solutions can be replicated at scale across Aotearoa.  

As part of a community initiative we have leased a property from the Waihi Beach Primary School. This property was built in 1967 and requires ongoing maintenance to its 50+ year old structure. The property contains a functional rear garden and large front section. This property is a valuable asset for the community as accommodation and income for additional school programs. 
This property and front section are the location of our Simple Sustainable Housing for Communities (SSHC) pilot program. 
Our trainee builders will construct two units, each unit will be 30 SqM. One unit will be an office and training centre, the second unit will be accommodation for our resident builders. Each unit will have between 200mm and 600mm of insulation, LED lighting, rainwater collection and be solar ready.

This building will be donated to the Waihi Beach Primary School upon completion of our training program.

Our mission is simple sustainable housing, by communities for communities. We believe housing is our primary method to remain connected to our tāngata (people), our whenua (land) and our whānau (families).

We need $150,000 to build, operate and monitor the performance of our training unit. We are raising the material portion ($75,000) through Open Collective. This initiative is the first of its kind in New Zealand. By supporting us you will enable the creation of the first community based pilot to be established, with a lasting local impact. 

We are purchasing framing materials (truss house system), efficient windows, high volume insulation, exterior cladding and roofing materials. A full material breakdown list is available on request. 

The Truss House™ team includes the original creator of the Truss House technology, Kim Aitken, who developed and patented the process in 2018. Aitken Frame Homes built more than 15 homes in Canada before Kim moved to Bay of Plenty. Kim is an Edmund Hillary Fellow and lives permanently in NZ with her family.  

Thank you for your support and we look forward to welcoming you onboard as a part of our team. 

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