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Stellarium v0.22.0 has been released
Published on March 27, 2022 by Alexander Wolf

The Stellarium team is delighted to announce the release of Stellarium 0.22.0.

The major changes of this version:
  • AstroCalc: Eclipse Finder
  • AstroCalc: RTS (Rises, Transits, Settings)
  • Switch from Bortle scale to physical brightness values for light pollution.
  • Allow tweaks for the atmosphere brightness/color model and tone mapping
  • Several new calendars in the Calendars plugin
  • Seasonal polar caps on Mars
  • New and improved sky cultures
  • Larger textures allowed in Scenery3D
  • Improved OnlineQueries and Satellites plugin
  • Many fixes in core and plugins.
  • Technical preparations towards a major upgrade of the internal Qt framework.
There has also been a large number of bug fixes and closed feature requests and enhancements (see full list of changes).

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Benjamin Nickolls

Posted on March 28, 2022

amazing, great woirk!