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Open Collective
Monthly Meeting notes - 10 May 2022
Published on May 12, 2022 by Patrick Arminio

A couple of days ago we had our monthly meeting, here's the notes, we also publish the notes here: if you want to ask questions 😊  

# Funding

We now have a proper opencollective page where individual and companies can sponsor us, we'll likely use the money for organising sprints, refunding hosting, stickers and maybe trips to conferences (for talks related to strawberry).

Here's the open collective page:

We are also looking into adding a GitHub sponsor page for the whole organisation, which should make it easier for some people to sponsor us 😊

We are also looking at Tidelift as an option, not sure many companies use it just yet, but another option shouldn't be a problem 😊

# PyCon US Sprints

I was at the sprints at PyCon US at the beginning of May and we had a few people joining, some of them never used the library or knew about it, so it was definitely a good opportunity to promote the library and to see how new users react to docs and API.

I didn't do a good job grooming the issues we have, hopefully in the future we'll have a better list of good first issues. If someone wants to help with that let me know 😊

# HTTP tests refactoring

I've been working on reducing the duplication of code in tests for the HTTP integrations, I found some inconsistencies and missing features (and I fixed some of them). The goal of this PR is to make it easier to test all the integrations at once (so we ship the same set of features to all of them) and also to remove duplication of code in the integrations (in another PR)

PR is here:

This might lead to move the integrations to a new package (strawberry-http maybe) to keep the core lean, but we haven't made a decision yet, see this issue:

I think if we do that we should keep all the integrations in one single package, otherwise we'll keep having duplicated code and inconsistencies between the integrations.

# Monthly work

We started using GitHub projects for having a birds eye view on our PR and issues, you can see it here:

We'll probably start using it more once there's more automation capabilities, I'd love to add issues to TODO when they are older than x amount of time.

# Docs: API Reference 

We don't have proper APIs docs, ideally we should be able to automatically generate them from source code, using tools like:

I did open this issue semi-related to this:

# Perf

We have release an initial performance dashboard, we'd ideally improve this (for one, we should make it more stable, I don't think GitHub actions are the best place for running benchmarks, I might get a raspberry PI and run them there)

# Playground

We also update the playground to support storing information GitHub gists, so you can get nicer urls for sharing

# Website

And finally we did a small fix on our website to fix docs, previously all the results had `#__next` in the url, this should be now fixed (we were missing the id tag on the headings)