Open Collective
Open Collective
September Update
Published on October 3, 2022 by Kostya Katz

Hello everyone, 

Apologies for being quiet for the past few weeks, but everyone has been super busy so we fell a bit behind on keeping you up to date on the latest developments...

  • Our first Ukrainian family (Studinskyi Natalia, Tima, and Nikita) have been settling into their new apartment in Evanston for the past few weeks. A lot of people have turned out to help with the move, furnishing the entire place, and helping out with any immediate needs and inquiries. Thanks to everyone, who not only donated their money, but also their time and energy to make this move as smooth and pleasant as possible!
  • Furthermore, the family is getting to know their neighborhood and its people and Natalia is now taking online English class a few hours each week while the boys are busy with their school work and soccer practices and games.
  • It is very unfortunate that Andrei, who is still in Ukraine, is not allowed to join them yet, given that the war is still raging across the entire country, albeit there have been some very positive developments for the Ukrainian army in recent weeks. We'll keep waiting for this barbaric russian aggression to end and to be able to reunite Andrei with his wife and kids as soon as possible!

  •  Matvieva family: On a related note, we're also gearing up to start helping another Ukrainian refugee family that arrived in Chicago in recent months and have been working extremely hard just to earn enough money for basic necessities. It is a mom and her 9 year old daughter from the city of Kherson, who were able to escape the war and have been trying to recover from all of the atrocities they have witnessed, while getting their lives back together in the US. We'll be providing them with donated furniture and appliances as well as gift cards to help them acquire the most critical items. 

  • We'll provide further updates about this and other families we're trying to help. Once again, thank you all for everything you've done to make all of this happen!!