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Open Collective
Updates on our Leadership Program and other SUN activities
Published on May 16, 2024 by Diana

Dear contributors!

It's been over two years since the war began, two years filled with challenges and solidarity. During this time, Support Ukraine Now has been actively involved in various initiatives, such as raising over €1 million through our website, medical aid, bulletproof vests, volunteer matching, and general support for civil society in Ukraine.
We have some updates to share with you today.

1. 🇪🇺 Erasmus+ grant canceled
We previously announced approval for a grant to run our Leadership Program, aimed at supporting young local leaders of social initiatives in Ukraine. Unfortunately, the Erasmus+ grant was canceled due to bureaucratic complications arising from Ukraine not being an EU member state. This created a precedent and has prompted the Erasmus office in Ukraine to address similar issues faced by NGOs.

2. 💸 New grant: EUR 109,000 for the Cherkasy Leaders Program in partnership with EED 🇪🇺
Despite the setback, we continued our search for funding and are pleased to announce our partnership with the European Endowment for Democracy (EED). We have launched the SUN Leaders Program: Empowering Emerging Cherkasy Leaders for Democratic Reforms in Central Ukraine, with applications opening this month. The program will empower 20 young leaders through mentorship, training, and networking.
The funds collected through Open Collective will be used for scholarships and micro-grants for the top-performing leaders in the Program. Your support is crucial — consider making a donation or subscribing to a monthly donation to directly support social leaders in Ukraine.
See our previously supported leaders:

3. Volunteer matching
We've launched a new project — Volunteer4Ukraine — to match international volunteers with Ukrainian social initiatives for online collaborations. You can already register as a volunteer!

Your support keeps our organization moving forward.
Thank you for being there for Ukrainian people 💙💛

SUN team 🌞
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